Why the SLI?



Gabriele (ガブリエーレ) is a Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Inventor, and Advocate for Love at Work.

We are all born unique. We are all born leaders. The path to the greatest leadership is learning to love yourself, unconditionally. The journey to lead you back to your authentic self is on the 18inch path from your head to your heart.
This is the path to actualization - what greater leadership is there?

Changing Workplace Culture Experience

Gabriele was part of a major turnaround which saw Hawaiian Telcom emerge from bankruptcy and back to profit within in a 2-year span (2009-2011).

At the center of this transformation was employee culture.

When I joined the company in 2009, employee happiness was 54%. By 2011 when we emerged from bankruptcy, it was 84%.

The CEO at the time knew that employee culture was the key to the transformation change process. The root of change came from the employees.

As a Brand Champion, Gabriele recalls the one big differentiator that stood out as part of the change process:

"Usually, values are created by HR or the leadership team and then driven 'down' the organization. Amazingly, it was the employees that created a set of company values everyone could relate back to their jobs. This really made us feel like we owned the company. Employees were moved around, changing positions, attending training. There was a real lift in morale. Leadership was talking to everyone and presenting a clear message. Our CEO at the time, Eric Yeaman put employees first by ordering employee surveys and training management.

The culture is the hardest thing to change, but it’s the ball game, said Eric Yeaman.

Gabriele insists that the key to change is to first make “space” in your mind to start being more self aware, more self involved, letting go, forgiving, and tapping into your values. It is not enough to just work on self management: we need to take in other people’s worlds and so we must understand that it is other people who will help you find pieces of yourself and sharing this with the world to become the truly unique person you were born as.

I started The Silent Leadership Institute for two main reasons:
One is to help organizations and their leaders stop behaviors that harm their employees, and their business. The second is to help people realize that the leadership of self-love is the default journey of happiness.

Love 101 Class (Love@Work) for Individuals, Teams, Companies.

There's nothing more amazing than working with great people! Research has shown that healthy and happy employees increase company performance, employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction.

Yet, employee engagement is at an all-time low, GLOBALLY. Loneliness is increasing to epidemic proportions. Frustration and anger linger at the edge of many people’s lips. We live in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world and this is the time where leaders must look inside for answers to tough questions.

In this talk, our Founder Gab will deliver a powerful session that puts people back in touch with who they are. That breaks the barriers of loneliness and isolation to once again have people embrace each other.

“You have the power to really SEE people! What really hurts me is that we walk down the street and we don’t really see each other. We don’t look at each other any more. We don’t even look at the people we love. Yet, all it takes is for someone to really look at us and see us for the potential person we can be. We sometimes need someone to tell us: it’s alright. But instead, we have to suffer in silence because no-one is willing to see in us. They instead look through us.”

Encouraging everyone to foster an environment of love and care and will build a shared sense of purpose.  That is why we need to put love to work and why we created the program, “Love@Work”.