Is being smarter making us unhappy?


I work with clients and companies who want to transform their workplace cultures to be, well to describe it simply: happy. Whilst we can have many discussions on how to do this, many of the clients I have coached are looking for deeper answers to questions. The more one lives in this world, the more one realizes that sometimes knowledge can be a barrier. As time passes, we learn more, know more, and also complicate things more. As a result, many of us are also often, unhappy. Over-thinking is one of the main reasons I am often approached for coaching. It is said that happiness reaches the meekand simple much easier than the wise and learned. Perhaps if we want to be happy, it is time to seek a way to unlearn the learned?


Despite the stories you let your eyes project in every moment of your waking day, there exists only one true you. Like the mountain, it endures all seasons and yet, it still remains a mountain. It experiences the ice of the winter; the heat of the summer, the enduring winds and falling rain. In the spring its vegetation may be rich and green. In the autumn, it may be colorful and pretty. It can tell many stories of the children playing with snow; or of the families who built houses and lived there; and yet the mountain still remains …a mountain.

Similarly, much like the mountain, our lives too, experience emotions and stories. We face challenges as well as happy times, tough times and sad times. All of us have many stories to tell and share. It is said, that the only constant is change, but there is one much deeper who is unchanged. Deep beneath that 'mountain' exists an unfathomable warmth - a warmth of unimaginable bliss, peace, harmony, and love. It is always there. It is always the same. It is unaffected by the seasons. This warmth lives in the existence known to us as our hearts.  One can always reach and feel it if you know how. Untouched by anyone or anything, it is limitless. It is the state of our true selves.

If I told you your true self is always happy, calm, in bliss, would you seek-out this state? Why would we not? Despite all the seasons we experience, how do we find our true selves?


Is it something we can really see or we need to feel? Perhaps the knowledge we need to seek exists in the knowledge we need to undo? Perhaps there is nothing to seek, because it is already there! Perhaps we need to look in the right direction in order to see? Perhaps there is nowhere to look because we already possess it. My, how tricky is this mind of ours – so busy all the time, it even tries to convince us of who we are: we are like this and we are like that, unknowingly that we are already beyond much more than it thinks.


Life is full of stories, experiences, emotions, shadows and even illusions. Know this: there is only ever one you. Your eyes see much –  but you get to choose what you’re your heart feels. You can choose the illusions of fear that constantly surround us, or you can be aware of the enduring mountain - your true self. Much like the seasons you experience, your true self is always happy, content and at peace. It is always there to be...for the choice of a non-existing word...  'accessed'. It is you - a beautiful and happy you that shines its warmth for all if you choose to share.

Now that is something the whole world would love to feel 😊.