Companies in Japan: More than ever, now is the time to revolutionize your way of working.

This is an awareness exercise that I hope paints the picture of a reality that I see in many companies here in Japan (and indeed around the world). There is hope, and now is the time for companies and people to take responsibility by "throwing their hat over the fence" and address the growing issues that are more alarming than ever before. Recent events have answered my questions about why I am here in Japan. My path is alight. Please allow me to share my mission.

The Questions to Companies:

Are you worried about waning employee engagement?

Do you want to build a workforce of high performers?

Is your customer satisfaction suffering?

Is your quality suffering?

Having trouble keeping and attracting talent?

Do you want to increase diversity?

If so, I ask you to listen to the voices of the people:

The following are statements from people in the past that I have coached in Japan. I felt it necessary to have their voices heard, as these are too serious to continue to ignore:

People are tired. People are missing their children's school celebrations.

People are missing their partners. People are missing their children.

People are being refused vacation. People are stressed. People need to look after their aging parents. People can't take sick leave. Partners need more help at home.

There's more confusion today than ever before. There is less ability to focus more than ever before.

Overtime is chewing up any cost-saving strategies. Overtime is actually lowering productivity. Overtime is impacting innovation. Overtime is causing the low birth-rate in Japan.

Overtime is no longer the answer to maintaining business. Long hours are not the answer to company success.

Does this sound like your workplace? After reading this list, do you still wonder why you can't attract or keep talent? Don't you ever wonder why your staff are stressed, tired and demotivated? Do you wonder which companies your best talents are going to and why? You might find it often doesn't have anything to do with a better salary. Do you ever ask why and how we can work smarter? Do you wonder why many foreign talents are hesitant to work and live here, despite knowing how beautifully rich in nature and culture Japan is?

Japan needs a revolutionized way of thinking whilst maintaining cultural roots.

The above list is a clear recipe for a spiraling disaster that is only going to get more difficult with the aging population. Japan needs a revolutionized way of thinking and innovating whilst maintaining its rich and beautiful culture. One answer lies in the company's mindset strategy:

"Knowing the above issues, do you see the consequences it has to business? If you do, you can't afford to ignore them."

When you ask this question, please do not judge the answer based on an excel sheet, or a financial report. Too often than not, accurate working hours are not reported in the system. Please take the time to listen to staff; build a rapport with them; hire an outside facilitator to extract the real voices if you feel it can help your decision. If you choose to ignore the issues, then you will need to be prepared to take the consequences with you. However, your journey will be much more fruitful in the eyes of the world if you choose change. You will have unexpectedly moved Japan a big step forward in leading the way for an amazing future that will surely benefit the wellness of her people.

The other answer, lies within people themselves (stay tuned).

Worried about productivity?

Research shows that people are more productive if they know they can work towards an 8-hour day that can end at 5:30; can prioritize other things in their life (work-life-balance); and still have the flexibility they need to be successful in both their professional and personal lives. There are many articles on the internet that can prove that shorter working hours have a positive effect in the workplace, on consumer business, and in the health and happiness of their families.

There is an answer. The question is, are you ready?

There is an answer, and it can be done!

For companies: Please contact me for a confidential discussion on how behavior and mindset change can revolutionize your company's way of working, attract new talent, keep talent, gain the competitive edge in your market; and drive your future.

For individuals: If you'd like personal coaching on how to help your own mindset, I have some openings from May. Please let me know. I currently am open to coaching Engineers, Directors, CEOs and anyone who would like to improve behavioral skills, emotional intelligence, global communications skills, leadership skills, and needing career direction.

Would love to hear your comments! Aloha for now :).


Love your life, live your values.

Gabriele Ciminelli