The Silent Happiness You Can Access (If You Allow It)

There are many people I speak with that crave a simple and holistic life, without the perils of the modern day society, enjoying the drive in their manual (stick-shift) cars, reading books, and staying away from the neon-lit cities that light up the world 24 hours per day. Why? Because simplicity is proportional to happiness. Simplicity gives us a way to balance our busy lives with the ability to achieve clearer thinking, a calmer demeanor, and let's face it, happy people work better and are generally known to be healthier.

Where do you look for your happiness?

So often, many of us look for happiness in many external forms. We search and search unwittingly knowing that happiness is not something you actually need to search for on the outside. It’s always available. You just need to access it, on the inside.

"To be happy, you need to allow the simple state"

In some of my workshops as a Leadership and communications Coach, we talk a lot about the ability to live in the present. More specifically, how to simply, be. It is the simple state of being that allows us to be happy. Therefore, to be happy, you need to allow the simple state. When do we have the ability to allow this state? You can allow it only ever once: now.

"You can allow it only ever once: now"

If you understood this statement, you would realize that all there ever really is, is now. Another entity of simplicity is the environment you are in, now. That is, all that you can see, hear, feel, smell and do, is where you simply are, in your current moment. This is the scope in which you can do things, now. For example, imagine you are sitting at your desk in the office. You are there, sitting on a seat and therefore, the seat is there. Your computer is there; the desk is there; some other colleagues are around; there’s an office plant in your sight; you can hear some talking behind you; you can even hear the coffee machine brewing in the background. This is your “NOW environment”.  It’s your reality. What kind of things can you do in your NOW environment? You can water that plant, talk to your colleagues, drink coffee, etc. At any given time, your reality is changing as are your thoughts. Thoughts are never still.  On the other hand, your spouse might be away from you, in a completely differently reality, but s/he is not in your reality at that NOW moment, and hence don’t exist except in your mind.

NOW: It's all we really "have"

Taking this to a much wider scope, imagine how many things you see and do in your reality all day long? How many things you choose to take-in or acknowledge is an inner-power that you can decide at any given NOW? Given what we know about happiness, do you choose to allow happiness by the decisions will make? In your reality, there is only ever NOW, and there are only two choices we can make: Love, or fear; Positive or Negative. One gives meaning to the other and therefore, it is likely that both exist for you to choose. Given what you know about NOW, then the choice it seems, is obvious.

"There is a simple beauty in appreciating the things we normally take for granted, that when we do realize, creates a profound simpleness of tranquility."

Too often than not, we give too much power to fear and let it dominate our daily life. Even though we have endless opportunities to be simple, we make ourselves choose the opposite. When we practice mindfulness in the form of simple meditation, specifically breathing in the moment, at the moment, we allow ourselves to be simple, and eventually, something special happens. We start to open ourselves back to simplicity. We react to things differently by looking around at our environment and appreciate colors, the beauty of the sky, the trees that are so vividly green, the shining sun the warms our bodies and feeds our plants, the eyes of your children smiling as they approach you with some question about the world, the mystery of the moon’s shape and marvel, we start to build moments of simplicity and happiness. We allow happiness to crawl into our day, into our moment.  There is a simple beauty in appreciating the things we normally take for granted, that when we do realize, creates a profound simpleness of tranquility about us that starts influencing our thoughts in a much more positive way. The effect of positive thinking is the creation process for your future.It's also your chance to appreciate everything around you, now. That's a power that no-one can ever change, except you.

Now, will you allow more happiness to crawl into your mind… now?

Gabriele Ciminelli