Put Love to “Work”: Love@Work!

The Silent Leadership Institute was born from an individual’s dream that if we can truly actualize ourselves and truly love ourselves, the world reflects this back to us - whether at work, home or otherwise.

Thus we must all concentrate on becoming the most amazing leaders we were already all born to be and continue to develop ourselves as leaders that are in love with humanity (with people!) and not obsessed with money, technology, or other 3rd-dimensional wants or wishes.

The concept of Silent Leadership is the Leadership of Self-Love: We cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves. Silence is a method used to silence the mind to harness the magic of the heart. We use meditation and mindfulness, combined with leadership behaviors to cultivate our inner true self so that we can become leaders in love with humanity.

About the Online Course

“Silent Leadership” is the leadership of self-love. The program, “Love@Work” will teach you the methodology to place you on a path that leads you to your inner world and to provide you with the tools to transform it to the outer world. An important part of the training is to learn how to make “space” in your mind and in your life to start appreciating “you”. We discover values and question the ”I” we thought we were to search for the self using the real ‘I’. Here is where Mindfulness and Meditation become the catalyst for a peaceful, loving you. In addition, we use affirmations, visualizations and a number of fun, practical exercises to help re-light the path to your heart.

Traveling the journey together, we create and help each other sustain the behaviors that lead you back to yourself, actualizing pieces of ourselves along the process whilst learning about unconditional self-love, living with humor, living fearlessly, becoming comfortable with vulnerability, and learning to be more compassionate.


[In no particular order]

  1. The Power of Laughter

  2. Hearts Count

  3. Circle of Truth

  4. The Need for Touch

  5. You are Not Really You (The Blanket)

  6. The Present is the Greatest Gift of All

  7. Brush Your Teeth Backwards

  8. Leading With Love

  9. There is No ‘Unconditional’ in Love

  10. The Journey of a Thousand Miles

About Mindfulness & Emptiness
There is plenty of research that proves mindfulness and meditation can the pillars for self-awareness, self-management and growing emotional skills. Emptiness is meditating to the state of letting go of everything we think is us and being left with “that”.

About Self-Leadership Behavior
Achieve positive, lasting changes in behavior; for ourselves, each other and our communities will help you make your life better. We use Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching tools to help guide you to become the silent leader from inside-out.

Who is it for?

Anyone can join this program online. The program was originally designed to help workplaces become more adaptive, human-centric focused organizations in which people thrive in communications and care for each other. This program adapts all the same topics as the "Organizational Version" but brings individuals together from different communities.

When and where is the course running?

We use Zoom for the course - please register for an event, below.

Special Features

Exclusive access to a special Facebook group to share thoughts, and questions with other participants and coaches.


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Tokyo 10am (Sat)
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Beijing 9am (Sat)
Phoenix 6pm (Fri)
Mumbai 6:30am (Sat)
Love@Work June 8,15,22,29,
July 6,13,20,27,
Aug 3,10.
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Aug 7,14,21,28,
Sep 4,11.
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Brisbane 10pm (Thu)
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Sep 5,12,18,
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Nov 7,14.
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