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Silent Mind, Shining Heart, Shining World

We are all leaders. In every moment we live, we demonstrate in some form or another, a piece of who we are. If we can truly actualize ourselves and truly love ourselves, the world reflects this back to us - whether at work, home or otherwise.

Thus we must all concentrate on becoming the most amazing leaders we were already all born to be and continue to develop ourselves as leaders that are in love with humanity; with people and not obsessed with money or technology.

“Silent Leadership” is the leadership of love. In some Eastern philosophies (e.g. Zazen), we meditate to emptiness, or “silencing” the mind. This allows us to access our hearts and start to understand “self-love”. The greatest leader is the master of themselves. This powerful practice, combined with Mindfulness and Leadership behaviors set Silent Leaders apart from others as they constantly grow and inspire others on their journey.


Would you like to know about the programs we offer?

Our training receives high praise and feedback for simpleness, effectiveness to reduce stress, improve workplace happiness, improve personal performance and build great teams and relationships.

Silencing the mind allows us to see deeper into our existance and understand our values. Couple this with mindful leadership behaviors as selected by you and your stakeholders, and a powerful transformation becomes a happy reality.

Bring Silent Leadership to your organization and release the true power of your people.