How to enjoy a deep ‘Mindful’ coffee

“I see the whole universe in my cup”


Dear coffee lovers, a cup of coffee goes much deeper than you ‘think’. You might well be reading this article whilst you are sipping your morning coffee at your favorite coffee shop (or at home). Well, after reading this article, you might be putting the book down to indulge yourself fully in the incredible depth a sip of coffee actually has.

The first thing you will need to do is mindfully bring yourself to the here and the now. To do this, you will need to accept that time is no longer of consequence. I always return ‘home’ with a nice deep breath, so I suggest you do the same. That allows you to tune-in to only on what you can feel, see, smell, hear and taste in this very moment. If you’re sitting alone at a café, then the here and the now might consist of hearing plates being washed, coffee beans being grinded by a machine, the frothing of milk, other people’s voices, other people sitting in the café, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, noticing the size of the tables, or the shape, or how hard the chair you are sitting on might be. Acknowledge them all, and relax. There’s no need to think about the future, nor bring-up the past. If it’s difficult to do, focus on only your breathing for a while. Can you feel your breath gently whispering to your lips when you breath? You can naturally just breath in and out. For me, I wait until I can hear my heart beating – it’s then I know I have returned home. Once I breath for a short while, I experience one of life’s greatest miracles: the miracle of being alive! It takes me… home. When you’re calm, and ready, take a deep breath before you sip your next coffee, because we’re going on a journey…

Now that you are in the present, look around you and acknowledge that you can see what you see. Thank your eyes for their ability. It’s amazing that you can see people of all different types, dressed in different clothes. Some people have blond hair, others black, others have no hair! It’s amazing that you can see objects. Thank your ears for being able to hear coffee brewing and the musical sound of people’s voices. Thank your body for being able to feel the chair you are sitting on. Thank your nose for being able to smell the coffee.


Thank your taste buds for being able to taste different foods and drinks. All these senses are bringing you incredible joy. Saying thank you even to your amazing physical self sends a positive energy throughout your body. You might even start to feel a little lighter, happier and tension-free!


Let’s keep the practice of thankfulness going. You are being mindful to yourself, your environment in the here and the now – you’ve come a long way already. Let’s go a step further. When you sip your coffee, let’s take some time to appreciate this wonderful moment, and how it came to be. Let’s think about the time when you first picked-up your coffee. It might have been from the counter, or it might have been served to you by someone at your table. Whichever situation it was, someone poured the coffee into the cup. Take a moment to thank them to yourself: Thank them for having the energy and skills to pour that coffee into your cup so that you could enjoy this moment, realizing the amazing ability humans have. It may have not been the same person who made the actual coffee. If you can see them, acknowledge them with your eyes. Thank them with your heart.

Let’s take another step back… when you entered the coffee shop, who took your order? Did you make eye contact and greet them, or did you just order the same way as you did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that? Let’s thank this person, too - the one who graciously took your order, and exchanged your money with a receipt and (eventual) coffee. After all, these people have helped make your wonderful sip of coffee possible!

Let’s not forget to thank the machines that do the actual brewing – they were designed by some amazing engineers. If they were put together by machines, someone designed and built the machines! There are many people involved in the design and manufacturing process - they deserve some thanks, too.

Well, how about the coffee beans themselves – how did they get there? Perhaps there was a truck driver who delivered them. And who put them in the coffee bags? Perhaps machines in a factory were also responsible, and thus, humans are again appreciated.

The beans might be from different countries in which case, they might have been flown or shipped to your country. Someone piloted the plane or captained the ship. Someone maintains the aircrafts, guides them in takeoff and landing. Someone operates the control towers, the software and infrastructure behind it. Go ahead, you know what to do.

And of course, one can not oversee the coffee farmers. They are the ones who plant the seeds, nurture the earth, water the seeds, dry them, collect them and possibly roast them. They often do this for very little money and harsh conditions. Surely they deserve some thanks.

Finally, mother nature, the earth that connects to us every day. The rain; sunshine; soil; wind; all contributed to the growth of the coffee bean, reminding us that we are truly connected to the earth. Isn’t the world marvelous? Isn’t it wonderful that when we mindfully sip our coffee, we can thank perhaps thousands of people and an amazing world has helped you enjoy just a little moment, like sipping a $3 coffee?


Let’s practice.

Now, put your phone down. Put your book down. Forget about your 9 o’clock meeting or yesterday’s argument with your partner. Take a breath in and bring yourself to the here and the now. Breathe out.

Have a look at your cup of coffee – the design and material. The coffee itself. Smell it! Now, go ahead – on your next sip, close your eyes, and thank all those amazing people – visualize yourself saying thank you to them all. When you’ve finished your sip, keep your eyes closed and wish them well, happiness, and peace – just as I do to you at this very moment.

©Gab Ciminelli 4/8/2019

PS: Mindful coffee doesn’t have to be just for coffee. It can be for any drink, or for food. When we practice gratitude in this way, we build so much connectivity with each other and we start to realize how much we are one. We received food or drink with such positive energy that it indeed gives us. We also realize just how much we take each other for granted. Here, is where the real learning resides.e

Gabriele Ciminelli