Our breathing is the gift of life, learning and an opportunity to access our singing light - our heart.

Our breathing is like an unconditional loving friend. It never judges, and is always there when we need it.

Whenever we feel lost, lonely, sad, worried, or trapped, we can rely on our breathing for help and tranquility.

When we breath, we can feel the flow of air coming in and out of our nose. It is a reminder of how our breathing can be gentle, calm and peaceful if we choose so. Returning to our breathing, we can remind ourselves of our true nature.

Just acknowledging this brings us back or home.

Here’s the beautiful thing: we can focus on our breathing at any time. Whether we are walking, reading, squashed on a train, washing the dishes, or ironing, etc.

When we do, we can say to ourselves:

“Breathing in I know that I am breathing in.”

“Breathing out I know that I am breathing out.”

There is not need to control our breath. Let it be natural. Let it be as it is. Feel it as it is. Acknowledge it. Is it short? Deep? Shallow? Observe its natural flow. In time, it will become slower, and deeper.

This process of just breathing is bringing consciousness to your mind and body. It’s giving you the chance to acknowledge and live life in the here and the now, just by bringing mindfulness to your trusty friend, the breath.

Gabriele Ciminelli