Sitting Meditation

When we get sick, our body naturally refuses to eat. It wants to lie-down and rest so that its immune system to focus all its energy on the healing process. Whilst this is a natural occurrance, why do we wait for our bodies to become sick before we give-in to this phenomena? Why don’t we practice this when we are healthy to prevent and maintain our optimal condition? This is where sitting meditation can help.

When we sit, we have the opportunity to sit like a majestic mountain. We can sit upright with dignity. A mountain maintains and radiates peace and stability, no matter what the season. A mountain is always home so when we sit like a mountain, we can return to our breathing and give full attention to our self, and what is within and around us. We let our mind become spacious and our heart soft and filled with kindness.

If you are able, sitting meditation is wonderful when sitting on the natural earth. If you cannot access the natural earth, then a seat on the train, a chair in the office or sofa in the living room is of course, fine. The main point is to relax and let the natural healing process of sitting meditation take its course. We can follow our breathing in and out. We can feel our back being tall, straight, and yet relaxed like a tree. Here, we can observe whatever emotions we are carrying, whether it’s joy, love, peace, harmony or pain, anger, anxiousness. We are with whatever is current here. There is no need to push, to oppress, or to deny that our thoughts are not there. We can let them come, let them stay, then let them go whilst being free to just watch them. Just as the mountain watches clouds go by, it sometimes observes them getting stuck around itself, until they have dissolved and moved on. It remains calm and free.

If at any time you start to feel the tingling in your legs or feet, or any pain, feel free to adjust your position with calmness. Enough so that we can keep following our breathing.

In sitting this way, we detach ourselves to the thoughts an emotions we are observing. We don’t need a purpose for sitting meditation. We can just sit in the here and the now, understanding that we are at one with all around us because we can observe it, just like the mountain.

The mountain sits happily throughout any season. Knowing that this peace and tranquility is accessible, just by sitting, we can enjoy the process of being in the here and the now.

Gabriele Ciminelli