Walking Meditation

When we walk, we are often walking with a destination in mind. Our walk is focused on the direction, or on how long it will take to arrive, or perhaps we pick-up our phones and look at them. We can walk in such a way where we don’t miss all the beauty that we encounter along our journey. For example, someone walks past and we don’t look at them or greet them. Or perhaps we miss the gentle waving of the trees - being caressed by the wind. Perhaps we don’t see the flowers in someone’s garden, watching you as you walk by with they colorful petals. We even miss the wonderful silky touch of a blossom falling from a tree.

We can use walking meditation to just simply walk. We can walk without being attached to the goal or destination. We can be present with each step we take. We can stop and give someone attention when they walk past us to greet them.

Walking this way, we can notice the beauty that is around us that we often take for granted in every moment, in every step. Look around and see how wonderful the world really is, the trees, the different clouds, the limitless blue sky. We can even hear birds and start to listen to their tunes. We can feel the gentle breeze at it caresses our face and skin. Life is happening all around us as we walk. The celebration of just knowing we are alive and healthy and capable of walking in this way. Of walking in peace and freedom.

When we walk with this freedom, our steps get lighter. And so we can enjoy each step that we take. Notice wWhen you lift your foot up and off the ground and when it moves forward and comes back to the ground. Being mindful of these steps is nourishing and healing us. Notice the type of ground you are walking on. Is it grass? Pavement? As we walk, we make an invisible footprint on the earth. It is the print of gratitude and our love for this earth and the life that it freely gives us.

Each time we breath in, we take two or three steps, then breathing out we take another two or three steps. You can acknowledge this mindful walking as follows:

Breathing in “I have arrived”; Breathing out “I am home”
Breathing in “I am in the here”; Breathing out “and in the now”
Breathing in “I am solid”; Breathing out “I am free”
Breathing in “I am gentle”; Breathing out “I am grateful”

What a wonderful way to enjoy your walk simply for the sake of walking in freedom. Freedom from any attachment to the future.

Gabriele Ciminelli