companies who promote strong self-leadership skills have the best employees, productivity and results.

In Japan, there is a clear need for a special type of ‘Self-Leadership’ that focuses more intensely on deeper levels of sub-conscious mindsets and traits that have been built over centuries of feudal ruling and deeper practices.
— Gab Ciminelli

Are you tapping-into your employee’s full potential? Do you allow your employees the full freedom to grow your company, its culture and business to greater heights? If not, you’ll never know how good you can be.

In East Asia, 93% of employees are disengaged. That means they are stagnant and just “doing” work, instead of doing “inspiring” work. Is this statistic really okay? Are you willing to risk losing your best employees because they are not growing, stressed, and unmotivated?

On the contrary, 7% are fully engaged. They are doing work they love, are resonating with the company’s vision and executing to the best of their ability. Enabling Self-Leaders in your organization can attract new talent, grow new business and enable stronger leadership skills.

“To know and not to do is not really to know.”




What to Look For in People with High Self Leadership Skills


People who demonstrate the following skills tend to be strong self leaders and are highly valued to any organization wishing to increase productive, engagement, and business opportunities.


Five Essential Pieces to Empower Self-Leaders

Self Leadership is more than just mind-set: mind-set needs to be a manifestation of the heart and needs to be in-sync with your body and purpose. A self-leader knows that in order to accomplish anything they set-out to do, they must know how to look after themselves (health, sleep, diet). This will help you be able to best tap-into your self to awaken the full potential of the leader inside. After all, if you’re always tired, always busy, always “on”, there will be no capacity to start the journey. It’s like having a full-tank but the battery is not charged (“dead”). Following a gentle path back to yourself and careful training is highly-recommended.


Five Essential Pieces to Empower Self-Leadership in You

  1. Awakening of a Leader

    Understanding everyone is a leader and to reawaken the dormant leader within.

  2. Self Connection

    Know how to access the key to self leadership and learn how to increase your self-awareness.

  3. Self Acceptance

    Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, forgiving the past; and the power of questioning any ‘blocks’ on your path.

  4. Self Belief

    To know is not to do is not yet to know. Moving past self acceptance to cultivating appreciation, gratitude, vision, power and the motivation to see it through.

  5. Self Renewal

    Self Leadership is the continuous process of learning and growing. Renewal means to make an action plan for building self-motivation, deep caring for people, a lover of freedom and a lover of learning. There are 9 key behaviors that help you persist on your journey.


One-Day Self Leadership Revelation Course

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