The Silent Leadership Institute is based in Tsukuba, Japan. Tsukuba is located about 70 kms north of Tokyo - a city famous for historical pilgrimages and beautiful mountain ranges. Nearby Mount Tsukuba known for its double peaks: Mount Nyotai (女体山, lit. "female body"), and Nantai-san (男体山, lit. "male body"). Mount Tsukuba is a spiritual mountain that produces a variety of colors with purple being the most predominant. The mountain is naturally surrounded by a myriad of trees, vibrant flowers, and the sound of buzzing insects.

It is here that founder Gab Ciminelli decided to each day be reminded by the duality of the two peaks, signifying equality; and the natural beauty of this amazing mountain where we can feel joy and compassion. After all, if we can be compassionate towards the earth, if we can learn again how to nurture our humanistic loving nature, we can share our own natural beauty with each other.

For lack of a better word, to be a “Warrior” of oneself is the ability to serve the world with compassion, joy, clarity and focus. In our seminars and hiking retreats, we explore mindful leadership techniques to deeply connect with ourselves, with nature, and with others so that we can help each other to grow into the magical human beings that we are.

Silent Leadership Institute helps you, your company or your school to tap into harnessing personal freedom and fulfillment through gentleness, courage, self-awareness and self-knowledge. It's about making 'space' in one's mind, overcoming habitual behaviors that are making you unhappy, letting go of your own fears, regrets, loving yourself, being in the here and the now and deep appreciation of the world and universe.

I’m convinced that we are here to awaken from our illusion from the world of duality.
— Gabriele Ciminelli


My Vision

I have no interest in taking you away from being you, changing your mind, or religion or whatever else. I'm simply an educator who is spreading the message to reach out to everyone (in Japan or otherwise) and help cultivate each person’s natural state of a loving human being so that together we can tread the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world with love, peace and harmony.


My Mission

To develop leaders that are in love with humanity and not obsessed with money or technology. We all have a responsibility to be the models of a giving life. Until now, we have taken and taken from the earth. Our children need role models who can show them how to live life in love, peace, harmony for the future and giving back to the well-being of this beautiful world we all share together.


Our Programs

The Silent Leadership Institute offers corporate training and seminars to support our vision to bring back balance and harmony in teams, work-places and schools. In Japan (and globally), we currently work with various companies who are introducing workplace culture transformation at the behavioral-level. We provide customized training and coaching at the executive level and individual level levels to fit their needs. All workshops and offerings are designed to help each individual reconnect with the human experience through mindfulness and leadership skills naturally manifested within all of us.

To date, our workshops are helping many organizations transform workplace behavior to improve;

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Retention

  • Mindfulness and well-being

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership transformation