The SLI Way


The Silent Leadership Institute was born from an individual’s dream that if we can truly actualize ourselves and truly love ourselves, the world reflects this back to us - whether at work, home or otherwise.

Thus we must all concentrate on becoming the most amazing leaders we were already all born to be and continue to develop ourselves as leaders that are in love with humanity; with people and not obsessed with money or technology.

The concept of Silent Leadership is the Leadership of Self-Love: We cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves. Silence is a method used to silence the mind to harness the magic of the heart. We use meditation and mindfulness, combined with leadership behaviors to cultivate our inner true self so that we can become leaders in love with humanity.


Silent Leadership is Love at Work


We are all born unique. We are all born leaders. We help people and organizations bring themselves back to their unique and authentic selves. To learn to love yourself, unconditionally is the path to actualization - what greater leadership is there?

Our training has been described as "life changing." We are helping as many organizations and people as possible tap into the hidden leaders of their people. Creating leaders who believe in humanity is the best engagement strategy of today.


The Benefits of a Love@Work


A HAPPY workplace:

  1. Increases profitability by up to 33% (Gallup)

  2. Increases productivity by 43% (Hay Group)

  3. Increases sales by 37% (Shawn Achor)

  4. Increases innovation by 300% (Harvard BR)

  5. Decreases turnover by 51% (Gallup)

  6. Reduces workplace incidents by 50% (Babcock Marine Clyde)

  7. Reduces sick leave by 66% (Forbes)

  8. Reduces burnout by 125% (HBR)



According to Gallup, 94 percent of employees in East Asia are disengaged, meaning that most companies have many people who are not motivated, not passionate about their work, or choosing not to perform to their best levels. Can you imagine what the power of happiness can do?


What a Silent Leader Looks Like

A Silent Leader who is abundant in self-love has the ability to display servant leadership, authenticity, empathy and are comfortable being vulnerable. This inspires others around them to be more productive, more committed, more productive and happier. Self-loving leaders also have a very high ability to listen to others mindfully, are not afraid to listen to criticism. Because of this, they are able to sustain and create high performing teams because they inspire their followers. It is important to understand that self-loving leaders are not narcissist and selfish. Much the opposite, they need others to actualize themselves. They need to serve others to find pieces of their own self whilst being true and authentic to their values.

Love knows no judgement. It can't see what the mind can see. You are the light of this world, don't let your mind cover your heart.

Love knows no judgement. It can't see what the mind can see. You are the light of this world, don't let your mind cover your heart.

Gab Ciminelli:

“Love is a verb, not a thing! When you choose love you must take some "action". The opposite of love is NOT HATE, it's APATHY - it's not giving a damn! Apathy is lifeless. Love is life-full. Focus on love and apathy will become extinct. Befriend unconditional self-love and the world transforms.”💗


How the Program Works

Join us for a highly interactive two-day face-to-face program or attend our ten week (one hour per week) online journey. We’ll take you through both practical and mindful ways to become more self-aware, self-accepting, self-manageable, and self-being so you can go back to your journey of being the inspirational, unique you.