The SLI Story


The Silent Leadership Institute was born from an individual’s dream that if we can truly actualize ourselves and truly love ourselves, the world reflects this back to us - whether at work, home or otherwise.

Thus we must all concentrate on becoming the most amazing leaders we were already all born to be and continue to develop ourselves as leaders that are in love with humanity; with people and not obsessed with money or technology.

The Silent Leadership Institute is based in Tsukuba, Japan. The institute was established to provide emotional intelligence, communications and leadership mindfulness programs to corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

What makes the Silent Leadership Institute unique is that we use the power of positive behaviors, as decided by you, to help cultivate each person’s natural state of a loving human-being so that together we can tread the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world with love, peace and harmony.


Vision and Mission

To become the role models for each other through mindfulness, compassion and empathy. To grow each other through first understanding that we must learn to love ourselves, unconditionally. Silence is the entry-point to that incredible journey to your heart.

Our Team

Our trainers are both facilitators and executive coaches who teach with passion and commitment. They are also mindful practitioners who’s diverse backgrounds will help you cultivate your unique personal leadership style; your workplace’s unique culture; or your team’s unique culture into high-performing, high communications and compassionate people.

Founder & Visionary

Gab is the founder of the SLI. He has held management and leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, as well as been head of a training academy. Gab introduced and developed the Global High Performer Program (GHPP) in his previous company that achieved wide-praise from Japanese and global executives. It was the first program that introduced mindfulness and emotional intelligence to train workplace culture change.