"I have done leadership development for 40 years here in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific Rim. In the process, I’ve come across thousands of young leaders. Gabriele stands out for his intellect, good heart and strong desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives."
Glenn Furuya (CEO of Leadership Works)

I believe Gabriele has a common key to open the door deep into the human's mind, and the passion to give this magic key to all who are looking for it.
Mei Li (Customer Project Manager, Ericsson Japan)

"I have taken a lot of training in my life at work and privately, but Gabriele's training is the most inspiring one - Really touched my heart!"
Kunio Ikawa (Project Manager Ericsson Japan)

"Gabriele is nimble and creative. He relentlessly looks for technical and andragogical solution. As an educator, I find that in our field, theory often drowns out common-sense practice; Gab however, is a refreshing aberration. I have walked away from planning meetings with a deep respect for his knowledge, incisiveness, strategic foresight, and empathy."
Daniel Roselle (Head of Global Employee Communications, ebay)

"Gabriele is truly a Change Agent, through his “Vision” and “Innovative Approach”, he helps permeate change and drive growth in organizations."
Fiona Mai (Enterprise Analyst, Hawaiian Telcom)

“I learned a lot about values. I have never thought that when conflict occurs there must be some dismatch in their value. So to understand what other values is the first step to deal with conflicts.”
Course Attendee (BASF Japan)

"Gabriele was able to provide leadership and direction in developing and training our staff. He started with nothing and developed a detailed training curriculum for entry level to advance levels of training in this space. Not only did he develop the training, he was charged to train our staff as well."
Michael Edl, (Former Senior VP, Hawaiian Telcom)

"This was clearly the best course I’ve taken since I joined this company! Definitely worth it for everyone to take!"
Management Employee (Ericsson Japan)

"Gabriele is professional and inspiring!”
Management Employee (Ericsson Japan)

"Great training! I not only learned about Leadership but also it was refreshing to us to do the right thing in terms of behavior and be positive every day. People will be powered by you as a result. Thank you!”
Engineer (Ericsson Japan)

"The entire workshop was very engaging, especially the session on lateral thinking and diversity”
Conference attendee (Cognizant Japan KK)

"The presentation was awesome - inspiring and so interesting!”
Conference attendee (Recruitment company)

“The way of coaching was impressing and I never felt bored. FANTASTIC!”
Course Attendee (Audi Japan)


More about Gab Ciminelli

Gabriele (ガブリーエレ) is an Executive Coach, Global Professional, Inventor, motivational speaker, and Leadership Development Educator. He specializes in training behaviors to achieve organizational mindset and culture change in small-medium sized organizations. Gabriele is most well-known for his nickname, "Grasshopper" - a corporate 'monk' who has spent the last 20 years helping organizations in various countries (Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii, Sweden, Australia) in both technical and non-technical, management and non-management roles.  He has spent time "learning" about other people, organizations, himself by putting himself in the service of others, and most recently has returned to his passion of helping people through mindfulness, behavior, coaching, and training towards work-life-balance and discovering inner happiness.

More about Gab here.