Benefits of Silent Leadership


Silent Leadership for Anyone!

Practicing Silent Leadership helps us handle today's issues. Whether you are parenting, or struggling to find your passion, or anxious, fearful, regretful of the past, Silent Leadership cultivates well-being, physical health, and mindful relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues.


Love at Work - For Companies

There's nothing more amazing than working with great people! Research has shown that healthy and happy employees increase company performance, employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction. Encouraging everyone to be a Silent Leader will foster an environment of love and care and will build a shared sense of purpose.  Your workplace becomes a second family.


Schools / College /University / Parents

Students of all ages can benefit from practicing Silent Leadership. For older students, it will help reduce stress and fatigue, improve focus, resiliency, and self-confidence. For teachers and parents, it helps prevent mental burnout, improve communication skills, and empathy.


For Health

Silent Leadership has the same benefits and positive impacts of Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness practice on the brain in regions involved with self-assessment, self-management, social awareness and social management skills. Part of becoming a Silent Leader is to open your awareness to the full experience in this universe where mind, body and soul are in harmony. All are intertwined and ensuring your body is healthy has an inter-relationship with the other two.


“I’ve done Leadership Development for 40 years here in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific Rim. In the process, I’ve come across thousands of young leaders. Gabriele stands out for his intellect, good heart and strong desire to make a difference in peoples’ lives."
-Glenn Furuya (CEO of Leadership Works, Hawaii)

"I have taken a lot of training in my life at work and privately, but Gabriele's training is the most inspiring one - Really touched my heart!"
-Kunio Ikawa (Former Project Manager Ericsson Japan)

"Gabriele is nimble and creative. He relentlessly looks for technical and andragogical solution. As an educator, I find that in our field, theory often drowns out common-sense practice; Gab however, is a refreshing aberration. I have walked away from planning meetings with a deep respect for his knowledge, incisiveness, strategic foresight, and empathy."
-Daniel Roselle (Head of Internal Communications, Hawaiian Airlines)

"Gabriele is truly a Change Agent, through his “Vision” and “Innovative Approach”, he helps permeate change and drive growth in organizations."
-Fiona Mai (Enterprise Analyst, Hawaiian Telcom)

"Gabriele was able to provide leadership and direction in developing and training our staff. He started with nothing and developed a detailed training curriculum for entry level to advance levels of training in this space. Not only did he develop the training, he was charged to train our staff as well."
-Michael Edl, (Former Senior VP, Hawaiian Telcom)

"Simply the best class I have ever taken! Interactive, fun, and I learned so much!"
-Participant of Successfully Managing People, Japan 2018

"His teaching style was outstanding!  It was a very enjoyable class - technically immersive, yet refreshingly accessible to the layman."
—  Technical Training participant, Hawaii 2013

“Mujin had an amazing leadership training thanks to the Founder of the Silent Leadership Institute, Gab Ciminelli. Mujin is a diverse and fast-growing company, and there are a lot of challenges in the course of its growth. Nowadays, we came to realize the importance of building company culture and the effective environment for every member. In order to achieve them, positive leadership of each member is an essential factor. We were lucky to find a trainer who could understand our mission and philosophy, and help us to improve our both professional and personal skills and knowledge.”
-Zlata ALEYNIKOVA, HR&PR Assistant at MUJIN Inc.

—  Presentation Skills Class Participant, Japan 2018

"Inspiring words from himself and other famous people using real-world examples"
— Emotional Intelligence participant, Japan 2017

"Wow it's amazing how poor behaviors really have a negative influence on the culture".
— Emotional Intelligence participant, Japan 2017

"Help More, Judge Less was very powerful".
—  Emotional Intelligence participant, Japan 2017

"The way of coaching was impressive and I never felt bored. SIMPLY FANTASTIC!"
—  Successfully Managing People, Japan 2018

"Gab presents with such a wonderful spirit in the class. I felt always 'on'."
— Management Class, Hawaii 2014

"I truly enjoyed this class and learned so much! Thank you."
— Visionary Leadership, Japan 2016

"One of the greatest instructors I have met".
—  Technical Training participant, Hawaii 2012

"Funny, interesting, open-minded. I wish I could take this again."
-Invisible (Lateral) Thinking Participant, Japan 2016