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Silent Mind, Happy Heart, Happy World

We are all leaders - every moment we live we demonstrate in some form or another, a piece of who we are. Silent Leadership is the art of discovering your full potential - your path to light and song. True leadership is one who is able to master themselves and through their journey, inspire others to grow in a world that deserves happiness more than ever.

Developed by Gabriele Ciminelli - a former ‘corporate junkie’ with Fortune 500 international experience in various industries, in various job positions, our training and coaching helps organizations and individuals reduce workplace stress, increase clarity and focus, produce more engaged employees, and improve workplace communications and relationships.

Silence is the art of silencing the mind (not the mouth). It is the ability to dismiss fear, negativity, obscurity, and build trust, sincerity, and love. When you shine doing what you do, you also inspire others to shine. One who is truly living her/his path is emanating joy and compassion: growing others and in-turn growing themselves.

“You are not who you ‘think’ you are. You are what other people have told you you are. Start removing all the ‘nonsense’ in your mind and there you will Be that!”

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Love Class for Companies - Increase Employee Engagement Through Love

There's nothing more amazing than working with great people! Research has shown that healthy and happy employees increase company performance, employee engagement, sales and customer satisfaction.

Yet, employee engagement is at an all-time low, GLOBALLY. Loneliness is increasing to epidemic proportions. Frustration and anger linger at the edge of many people’s lips. We live in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world and this is the time where leaders must look inside for answers to tough questions.

In this talk, our Founder Gab will deliver a powerful session that puts people back in touch with who they are. That breaks the barriers of loneliness and isolation to once again have people embrace each other.

“You have the power to really SEE people! What really hurts me is that we walk down the street and we don’t really see each other. We don’t look at each other any more. We don’t even look at the people we love. Yet, all it takes is for someone to really look at us and see us for the potential person we can be. We sometimes need someone to tell us: it’s alright. But instead, we have to suffer in silence because no-one is willing to see in us. They instead look through us.”

Encouraging everyone to foster an environment of love and care and will build a shared sense of purpose.  Your workplace becomes a second family.